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Border Collies

Very intelligent working breed

Height: 18 21 inch
Weight: 30 49lb
Exercise Level: High
Temperament: Lively, cheerful
Colour: Black and white, blue merle, tri merle, tri colour
Coat Care: Low Medium (dependant on the coat type)

This is a popular breed which has helped farmers tend to large flocks of sheep since the 18th century. Border Collies are a highly intelligent, active and energetic breed that needs plenty of exercise to keep their minds active.

This is the best breed for people who want to compete in agility trials or for an active family who has plenty of time to give their dogs lots of exercise.

Its coat can be smooth, mid coat or long coated.

Black and White - Male Puppies

Tri Coloured - Male Puppies 

If you require further information about this breed or any others, please call 01282 428617 or contact us via email.

Bailey - Brown and White Border Collie

Working in Partnership with My Vet

Latest News

May 24, 2018

We have had some lovely puppies vet checked and vaccinated. 

These are:

  • Cavachons - Male and Female puppies are available in these two litter.  There are Gold and White puppies and one female Brown and White puppy. 
  • Cocker Spaniels - a litter of Blue Roan male and female Cocker Spaniels


The litters will be on view from Saturday the 26th May 2018 and ready to leave for their new homes from the following Thursday.

Should you need any further information about these puppies, please call on 01282 428617 or email via the link on the contact form.

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