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Here at Nutshaw Kennels we have a long reputation for breeding and selling pedigree and non pedigree pet puppies which are well breed, healthy, socialised and happy. Our reputation not only spans throughout Lancashire and Manchester but further afield throughout the UK and abroad.

We have many happy customers who have recommended us over the years to friends, family and work colleagues with many of the puppies which we sell coming back to join us for holidays in the boarding kennels.

Licensed by the local authorities and members of the UK Kennel & Cattery Association, we have over 40 years experience in breeding and selling healthy and happy pet puppies. We have three generations of experience and expertise in animal husbandry working in our family run business.

We take great care to ensure the choice which you make is the correct one, and encourage people to take there time to make a decision and to visit us as many times as they need. We understand that buying a new family member is a massive decision for both you and the puppy; one that is going to last many years. We can provide advice as to the type of breed which will suit your families needs most i.e allergies to dog hair loss, exercise requirements etc.

Our specialist breeds are Yorkies, Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Bichon Frise, Pugs, Border Terriers and Min Schnauzers, but we are also licenced to buy puppies from a network of breeders through our Pet Shop licence (Pet Shop Licence - PS0004).

Whether puppies are reared by us or from one of the breeders they are health checked and vaccinated by our Veterinary partners Myerscough Veterinary Group; one of East Lancashire's leading vet practices. All puppies leave for their new homes after the age of 9 weeks, having been vaccinated (usually with their first major injection), wormed and de-flead and with their kennel cough vaccination. All pedigree breeds have pedigree papers.

Buying a puppy from Nutshaw Kennels means that you have peace of mind that your new baby is fit and healthy; each puppy leaves us with a 6 month guarantee.

At the time of sale, we understand that you are eager to get your new puppy home, however we discuss all the information that you will need to know about feeding, caring, vaccination schedules, grooming, exercise, worming and house training. It's also written down just in case you forget.

Just because you have taken your new arrival home, the help and support doesn't stop there, we are always at the end of the telephone to provide help and support, and answer what might seem to you the silliest of questions.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries in relation to the purchase of your new pet puppy via the contacts link or call on 01282 428617.

Mon - Fri: 10:30am - 5:30pm
Sat - Sun: 10:30am - 4:30pm

Working in Partnership with My Vet

Latest News

Nov 15, 2019

We have had the following litter of puppies health checked and vaccinated today.  They will be on view from Saturday, ready to leave for their new homes from the end of the following week.

The puppies are:

Cavachon - Gold & White / Golden

Min Schnauzer - Male and Female Puppy

Shih Tzus (Brown and White) - Male and Female

Bichon Frise - Male and Female

Yorkies (Black and Tan) - Male and Female

Labradors (Yellow) - Male and Female

Puppies will be on view from Saturday for deposits and ready to leave for their 'fur-ever' home after they have been re-wormed.  

For more information please email via the contacts link above or call directly on 01282 428617, where we will be able to help further

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