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Schnoodle Puppies

The Schnoodle is a mixed breed dog; a cross between the Miniature Schnazuer and a Miniature Poodle dog.  This is an F1 cross with both parents being pure breeds. The cross creates a hypoallergenic intelligent puppy who is devoted to its family.
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7.5 - 10kg

Exercise Level
Low / Medium

Loyal, affectionate, happy

Black, Grey, Brown, Silver

Coat Care

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Schnoodles are a loyal and affectionate breed. They have a sociable temperament which make them an excellent choice for the first-time dog owner and they integrate well into a family unit. 

They have low shedding coats which are excellent for owners who have allergies. However their coats do require a large amount of grooming. They will need regular brushing and trips to the grooming salon.  The coat texture will depend on which side of the mating a puppy takes it's genes from, some Schnoodles can have curly coats like the poodle, others in the litter could inherit the Schnauzer coat and some puppies will have coats that are half way between both parents; wavy. Schnoodles are easy to train and do make wonderful companions and household pets. They accept other animals and are good around children of all ages. They do require daily mental stimulation and brushing to maintain their coats.

They don’t need a large amount of exercise and are happy pottering around in a small outdoor space, they also adapt very well to apartment living.

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